If you haven't downloaded the ZeroTouch App yet, start here. You can download on as many iOS and Android devices as needed!


This 2 min video will show you how easy it is to get started!


A 2 min video to learn the essentials. Enable/disable menu items, set menu item inventory, and how to accept and prepare incoming sales orders.


A 3 min video on how to create a new menu, copy an existing menu, and a short review of key menu features.


A quick tip how to turn menus on and off, and how to set a specific schedule of menu opening times.


Learn how to create new menu items, how to delete them,  or how to simply enable/disable menu items.


Simply select your preference, download, and print.


Our customer support team is here to help.


I want to set up my cashless concession, how do I get started?

Download the ZeroTouch Order and Pay app, and get started in minutes, all from your phone:

  1. Enter the name and email of your concession
  2. Create your menu, or use a template (code MASTR)
  3. Download your QR code templates to display

I want to use a template concession menu, how?

Tap and hold the "Create Menu" button for 2 seconds, select "Import from Template", type the template code "MASTR".  

Do my customers need to download anything to get started?

There is no app required. Your customers simply point their smartphone camera to the QR code on display and your menu will pop up in their browser.  

Which payment types are accepted?

Customers can pay on their phone using debit & credit, venmo, and paypal. Other payment options are being integrated soon, for example Apple Pay.

How do I monitor and process new orders?

You can download the ZeroTouch Order and Pay app on as many devices as needed for you and your staff to track orders coming in. New orders are highlighted in the app. When selecting an order, all details are shown, and you can change the status to 'in progress' and 'ready'. If you have turned on the 'notification' feature in the menu setting, your customers will receive a text when the status of the order changes, and when it's ready for pick up. 

How do I change the menu?
With the ZeroTouch Order and Pay app, you can make menu changes on the fly! For example, you can create new menu items in seconds, and make existing menu items temporary unavailable with the tap of a button.

How do I get paid?

ZeroTouch Order and Pay is an official PayPal Partner. PayPal facilitates the payment processing. The app allows you, in a few simple steps to connect to an existing PayPal Business Account. If you don't have an account yet, one will be created for you. Once the PayPal onboarding is complete, your funds will be available to you instantly after each transaction.

Do I need to commit to a subscription or contract?

ZeroTouch means no contracts, no subscriptions, no hassle. Just agree to the Terms & Service during sign up, and you'll be charged a small transaction fee on every transaction. Pay as you go. 

What are the transaction fees?

  1. As the concessionaire you'll receive a $0.30 convenience fee which is automatically added to each customer checkout. This will cover the ZeroTouch fees for orders up to $10. In the app you can adjust the concession fee from $0.00 to $0.50.
  2. ZeroTouch charges 1.5% + 15c per transaction. 
  3. Separately, PayPal charges 2.9% + 30c per transaction 

How do I refund a customer?

Go to your PayPal app, or log in to you PayPal account, locate the specific transaction, click refund, and decide the amount to refund.

How do I create my own QR display material?

To download a high quality version of your QR code please visit and enter your MENU ID for a simple QR code. You can go to for ready-to-print material.

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